UV issue 2. March 2021





things between  

Desire Lines are made by the movement of bodies through space and over time. They are deviations from prescribed paths.

A film by Lucy Atherton

Mirror travel & flood mapping

The flood season crosses boundaries, redraws maps; new sites emerge.


Kelly Starling

23 singing lampposts

I walked around at night passing close to lampposts. Every so often i found one that hums.


Sam Mcloughlin 

From the Map to the Terrain

Reclaiming our world for our every-bodies.

Tegdirb Nedyah

Two Poems and fragments stumbling over a map of the past.


By Emily Oldfield

Artwork by Lucy Oldfield


Meditations on night walking and sleeping in places where internal and external maps converge. 

Alan Creedon


A work inspired by a Todmorden place legend referenced in Ghost of Scraper’s Lane by John Travis, 1896.

The Cloud Gallery

Grass Saw (email).jpg

Cut Ups

Our sense of space and movement is cut through with other imaginaries: 

other worlds with other possibilities. 

Vincent James

The Book of Gaddings and of

How it Manifests Itself in My World

A love letter to a puddle.

Ramsey Janini



Inconstant lexical junctions produce mutable itineraries for semantic 
routes and rambles.

Richard Knight


Blunder Construction

A photo essay shot a month before the opening of Tod's Aldi (published in Litro Magazine, where the link will take you).

Ramsey Janini

This space, watched. It is from zero, in zero, that the true movement of being begins.