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Sulis, the butterflies and the bugs: an entomology of souls

Joanne Harris


Sulis B, by Andrew Taylor, 2021

being an insect


the sounds of circular white light 




by only the fluttering of the july butterfly flight,


sulis the goddess of life


rising and setting


 in a timelessness of space


all underneath her 


face towards their evolutionary race.


dawn's first light breaks, 


a web mist morn 


the buck calls 


humans still, sleep 


 as the day announces it is open,


we hear the truth of life spoken,


through the sound entanglements drawn across 


each other,


the instruments made to invoke 


who we really are,


the light of sulis,


our soul star. 


we are all bugs and butterflies reaching 


for her light.


we are full of vibrations as night falls we go,


her warmth is remembered


in the buck moon glow.

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